02/01/2009 - Luna Guitars endorses Susan Hyatt

06/03/2010 - Rock United - "the LA rock/pop band fronted by the lovely 'Susan Hyatt' are now returning to the scene with a spanking new CD. "Lovelier In Black" is the title and it's a rather dark and strange love/hate story about betrayals and disappointments. Obviously with a lot of catchy song and dance numbers to match the stimulators' love for/to eighties music - more"

06/15/2010 - Ear Candy Magazine - "Stimulator is sort of a Franken-mix of Fergie, Evanescence and the Chemical Brothers. - MORE"

07/14/2010 - Daisy Rock Guitars endorses Susan Hyatt

07/31/2010 - Sennheiser endorses Stimulator

08/01/2010 - Wildys World

08/05/2010 - Music - New Wave meets modern metal with a splash of… lots of other stuff, to great success! - MORE"

08/08/2010 - NOIZZ WEBZINE - - MORE

08/26/2010 - Cutting Edge Voices talks with Susan Hyatt of Stimulator - MORE"

08/27/2010 - Macy's Department Stores license Stimulators cover of Olivia Newton John's MagicREAD

09/30/2010 - Interview - READ

01/01/2011 - Macy's Can't Get Enough of Magic - tens of thousands of spins per month - READ

02/02/2011 - Syndicate 17 and Susan Hyatt team up for a killer cover of Mad World! - MORE